Away On The Wind.

 Yesterday was a bit rainy, but mostly windy, no Nemo here by any means, just a chill in the wind. Probably the coldest day we will experience here in LA and every reason why I piled on my cold weather clothes. This jacket I got to wear while I am in Boston, but I manage to wear it LOTS here. Although it was pretty cold I didn't wear the removable insulating vest, but opted to layer my cashmere sweater underneath combined with the fur lined hood. Boy was I cozy. These soft knee highs almost never get to see the light of day so I had to wear them. I am just loving what I call my Zissou beanie. I try to wear it everyday. It makes me want to go on spontaneous adventures filled with ridiculous hooligans.
And I am off!

 // jacket- patterson j kincaid // clutch skirt + jewelery- vintage // sunglasses- warby parker // knee highs & hat- u/o // 
// boots- steve madden // hat - madewell //

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