Pucker Up: LipService.

(from top left, Saint Nude, Moment, Red Sinner and Medieval-all LipStick Queen) 
I have loved lipstick, since I was little girl, before I could even say it. I called it "Mit-Stick". I would regularly be pulling on my Mom's sleeve asking her to apply some on my lips. 
LIPSTICK QUEEN is one of my go-to brands for everything lips. I am really drawn to their color palette. They make such rich, deep shades that end up looking very natural on the face.
Saint Nude.
Red Sinner.
(Medieval, Saint Nude, Moment and Red Sinner.)
 (Monday. Friday. Tarte 24/7 Lip Sheer.)
 I also love LOVE love Tarte 24/7 Lips Sheer
They are amazing! Monday and Friday are my favorite shades. Monday is a bright orangish red. It's very fresh. Depending on how you wear it, it can be a chic pop of color or a zany twist. 
Friday is a darker berry. It can be very moody paired with a dark get-up 
or contrast a lighter, whimsical ensemble.
They are great on days when you're rushed or just don't feel like dealing with make-up. 
A swipe of this will give you a fresh, chic look in seconds.
(Monday, Friday.)
Then there are days when I am feeling bolder than usual and really want to vamp it up. 
That is when I pull out what I affectionately call my goth lipstick, 
 It's a dark purple, almost black color, but it does come on a bit sheer. 
For extra staying power and some richer darkness I layer with Urban Decay Lip Stain.

Urban Decay Lipstick in Confession. Above and Below.

 (Urban Decay Lip Stain in Greedy.)
 Lip Stain is great when you want some color on your lips 
but don't want to fuss with re-applying lip stick all day long.
I was instantly drawn to Urban Decay Lip Stain in Greedy. 
It really gives you that look like you have been drinking red wine for hours minus
turning your teeth purple. I have yet to try their other color Envious, 
which is a brighter pink color, but I think I will give it a go when it heats up a bit in summer.
 (Urban Decay Lip Stain in Greedy.)

Now it's time to pout!

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