Light as a Feather.

Yesterday, Julie, one of my dearest friends, came over to yank me from the hole I was trying to live in. She came armed with arts and crafts. We had gotten some feathers and headbands ages ago in preparation for Burning Man, but never got around to making them. But yesterday we finally did. And it turns out my new hair accessories look pretty good with my bangs.

 First we did some 1920's beatnik inspired hair accessories.
 A beaded ribbon headband by me.
A feathered headband by Julie.

It only took like 10 minutes to make our headbands. I was still feeling pretty inspired. So I decided to make another one inspired by Native American head-dress. After the glue was set we were antsy to get outside and show off our handy work in the sun.

I am feeling pretty good about my bangs. Especially with my fun new accessories. I am debating about making headbands for my Etsy shop. I currently make and sell feather earrings. 

Check it out:

Howl like a Coyote, Fly like a Bird,

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