Rose Colored Glasses.

There is something in the air. There is something in the water. There is something happening. I feel it. I just want to run full speed, screaming, pumping my fists in the air-be the warrior. I have been spending as much time as possible outdoors. I have been sick the last week, daydreaming of getting out for a nice hike. I took this picture a couple weeks ago on a hike with some friends. I just find this picture so inspiring, it lights my fire. The dusky sun setting over flaring up in the fields. Just reminds me that anything is possible, today ends, but then we get a new one tomorrow. Keep reaching. Keep fighting. Keep believing. Be unstoppable like the sun. Ascending in my orbit everyday. 

On a slight tangent, I have been wearing my rose-tinted sunglasses everyday. I wish that is what the world really looked like. I don't want to take them off EVER.

Here are some other fun hike photos.


  1. It's lovely to see the world rose tinted, even more so when you've been ill. Hope you get out hiking soon, it rekindles the soul.

  2. ah, sounds like you caught the sagittarius moon energy.