Le Bateleur.

I have been feeling really wild lately. Restless, ready to get loose. Dusting that dirt off my shoulder. I can't tell if I am running towards something or away from something...I have always been one to move full speed ahead. Don't think twice. Following your gut doesn't usually leave you with any regret. I do know I'm moving, I'm grooving, ready to get high and ready to get down. Eyes to the sky, feeling like a feather in the breeze. I'm itching for something but I don't know what it is yet. Trying to enjoy the journey and not thinking about the destination. I'll end up where I'll end up. Until then I am taking in all of the view.

 After all I am the magician.

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  1. wow. I have been feeling exactly like this. just FLYYINGG. like whoa! love you so much.