Walls Sometimes Tell Stories.

A single yellow glimmer of light guiding me through the trees. A shiver begins to slither, up my spine as the breeze chills the leaves. I look up ahead at the shadowy figure and you shush me when I turn back at you. I follow your finger from your lips as you extend. An owl coos as the crickets hum and I feel my heart lurch in my chest. And thump emblazoned in my memory. From here throughout eternity. Innocent but I still carried that guilt home with me. These hands are clean. I packaged up the pain with a nice little bow and sent it to him in Idaho. 

I wish I could see the look on his face when he sees the moon has returned to her place in the sky, no longer hidden by shame. 
My eyes caught her gaze and she rained down forgiveness on me. I bribe the grandfather clock and he returns my lost time to me. But he added it on to the end. A spliff to come at sunrise and a glass of bourbon. That should take care of that. i soak every last drop of it in. The sun surrounds me and I fall into a dream. Parts of you floating surround me. I put you back together and we fly across the sea. I've got everything. That's when it hits me that I'm sleeping. The rain pulls me into the sea and my eyes open.

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