2014: The Year of Growth.

2014 was most definitely the year of growth. It was last year, yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. Since then, I grew a baby, our family grew from two to three, Daniel and I are growing as parents in every way possible, our little Wren is growing and developing every day. It was a beautiful year. I had so much fun dressing a baby bump. It was such an amazing experience being pregnant and feeling her kick and develop. I gave birth to her in September, which was easily one of the biggest physical challenges I have ever faced. I've always been a strong individual but motherhood has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be and has simultaneously made me gentler than I ever imagined. This year has brought out a deep softness that I didn't know I had. My entire view and understanding of life and love has expanded more than I could ever express. Creating and nurturing this gorgeous little life is hands down the best thing I have done in my time on this Earth. Wren is more beautiful, both inside and out, than I ever could have dreamed. She makes me a better person every single day. I grow right along with her. She has made me and Daniel's relationship so much deeper and more sacred. The joy I feel when I look at the two of them is beyond comprehension. The love and light in our lives continues to expand exponentially with each passing day. I know 2015 is going to continue this expanding love and overall deepening. I look forward to seeing how much we have all grown next year at this time. 


Looking forward to more love, light, adventures and growth in 2015!!!!

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