My Bohemian Soul.

 I am entering my third trimester and that belly is getting BIG. Sleeping has become a little hard to come by and I am retaining water like it's my job (forgive the all around puffiness). But overall still feeling pretty good. My energy level is great - I've been doing 2.5 mile walks 3-4 times a week, yoga, cardio and strength training, and I swim whenever I get the opportunity. My appetite is getting more voracious everyday and I'm just starting to feel very pregnant. 
My 29th birthday is coming up, I can't believe it's my last birthday before I am a mother. I am going to make sure to make my friends have some cocktails in my honor. Life is such a wild, unexpected, amazing ride. You really never know where it's going to take you. I am just strapped in and excited about what's around the corner. You have to go with the flow, ride the waves and take it all with stride. 
I found this Gap Maternity Dress on sale with my Mom last week. It's the softest, stretchiest, comfiest thing around. I am hoping I'll be able to sport it post-pregnancy with a belt. The long, heather grey dress is a little plain for me - so I definitely felt the need to spice it up with some bold accessories. Summer always brings out my inner flower child - bohemian and this red, suede fringe bag has come back into rotation. It's just the accessory to bring my hippie attitude to any summer ensemble. I love how daring and carefree it is. It makes me want to go on long walks through nature, watch the sun set over the ocean, feel the wind blow in my hair, wear a crown of fresh picked flowers, dance to the music in my heart, and just generally embrace that old bohemian soul of mine. 

// Dress - Gap Maternity // Bag - Melrose Outpost Flea Market // Sunglasses - Toms //
// Hat - Panama Jack - Men's Toyo Safari // Jewelry - Vintage // 
// Shoes - (old) Charles David (via Free People) - Similar Here //


  1. omg you are such a cool and beautiful hippie-mumma-to-be :) Amazing pictures, great style!
    you definately have a new reader! maybe you find the time to stop by my german streetstyle blog :) would be a pleasure!

    xo Laura from

  2. Love your red bag! It's adorable and definitely great for a boho look <3

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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  3. beautiful! my latest post involves a long black maxi too.

    come check me out!
    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  4. Maxi Dresses are just so lovely : )

  5. Thank you! I checked out your blog also - you're so adorable!

  6. Awww thanks - I will def check out your blog! ; )