Scent is something I find very important. People tend to have emotional connections with certain smells. Smelling my old high school perfume immediately brings a flood of memories rushing back. I pick my perfumes with a lot of caution and always get a sample so I can do a test run before I decide to commit a fragrance. Perfumes always smell different on everyone, they have to mix with your natural scent. I tend to be drawn to floral scents with surprising notes. 
The french have this term "silage" which means the veil of scent a person leaves behind. It's so romantic and I like the idea of someone catching a whiff of me and being transported. A person's scent is so intimate - it's important to find the right one to wear that you feel captures your own essence.

Here is my guide to my favorite perfumes. 
Stella by Stella McCartney 
This is my everyday, all time favorite perfume ever. I stay pretty true to this scent most days. It just somehow captures my essence. It's wonderfully feminine, sensual and light but a touch brooding. I especially love how it smells after I've been wearing it all day and the base notes just shine. I have a rollerball of this in my purse at all times. It has notes of rose, peony, mandarin, rose absolute and amber. It's the amber that really makes the perfume stand out from the rest. It adds just a hint of a sophisticated sexiness. Stella bridges the gap between feminine and masculine with the unique blend of florals and amber. The rollerball adds just enough scent that it's not overwhelming. I don't like people to smell me from miles away, just when they give me a hug, stand near to me or brush by me. The bottle is so gorgeous sitting on my dresser. 

Lola by Marc Jacobs
Lola has this intoxicating mix of florals and musks that makes me feel like a french film star. It has notes of grapefruit, peppercorns, pear, fuchsia, geranium, peony, rose, musk, tonk bean and vanilla. I'm not normally a huge vanilla fan but it works layered under the floral notes to deepen the scent and adds a heaviness to it. That's why I prefer to wear it in the winter. It makes me feel provocative even under layers of scarfs and sweaters. And this bottle is meant to be displayed. It's so fun to apply. But I only use one spritz on the wrist and use my wrist to apply to other points. I find this perfume to be very strong so a little goes a very long way. 

Marc Jacobs Woman Perfume
Classics are a classic for a reason, and this perfume is no exception. I use this one to mix things up on occasion. It's clean and feminine and somehow manages to feel both luxurious and simple. It has notes of Sicilian bergamot, velvet gardenia, Egyptian jasmine, white pepper, honeysuckle, blond woods and musk. It's the personification of smelling like a lush garden without it being overpowering.   This is a great scent to wear year around, day or night. It makes me feel polished and pretty. I feel immediately put together, elegant and ready to go.

Fleurs Blanches by Outremer
I use a spritz of this when I am going to the beach or a on hike, when I don't want to really smell like perfume but I don't want to stink either. Fleurs Blaches is a very mild, soft, fresh scent. It has notes of white flowers, honeysuckle, gardenia, lilac and jasmine. It's so light, it's almost not even there. It makes me feel like I picked a gorgeous flower from a lavish garden and tucked it behind my ear. And somehow it blends with the smell of sunscreen very pleasantly and seems to last all day. It instantly makes me feel like I need to get outdoors and have some adventures. 

I keep finding myself drawn to Marc Jacobs's Daisy. It's so bright and alluring. I always find myself spraying it on when I go into Sephora.  What can I say? Marc Jacobs just has the whole fragrance thing down. 
I have also been drawn to Stella McCartney's L.I.L.Y. I really like the naturalness of it, it smells like a took a shower in an enchanted waterfall. 
Maybe one of these days I will finally decide to buy a roller ball of these two. 

Perfume tips:
Never put too much perfume on, this is why I love rollerballs. They are a great way to apply it without overdoing it and also great for touching up your scent later in the day. 

Apply a the wrists, then dab on the neck, behind the ears and behind the knees. These are pulse points. I also like to do a dab on the back of my neck right on the hairline. So when I walk away from someone they get a faint whiff of me. 

A spritz in your hair will help it last longer and not overwhelm everyone you come into contact with.

What are some of your favorite perfumes?
And what do you think of the blog's new look?

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