The Howling Wind.

 It has finally cooled down around here. It's been in the sixties instead of the seventies & eighties. I have been using it as an excuse to wear a beanie practically everyday. The Santa Ana Winds have finally decided to show up too. I have been loving the howling winds. It blows all the smog away and we have clear skies for a little while. And I love the sound of the trees rustling too.  I haven't been able to wear this wool coat since I was in Boston & NYC back in December. I love wearing it. I've also finally been able to put on a pair of jeans without sweating. Oh the joy! I know so many parts of the country are freezing, and you are probably rolling your eyes at me. But I like seasons. And when it feels like summer in January I cry. We don't get to wear too much cold weather clothes in L.A. and I love jackets, sweaters, scarves and wooly socks. So I have been rejoicing at this temperature drop. Now let's cross our fingers it doesn't heat back up too soon. I am doing a rain dance. 

// Coat - Barney's New York // Jeans - Paige // Boots - Modern Vice // 
// Hat - u/o (a couple years ago) //

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