Love is Real: Wedding Snippets.

Our wedding was unimaginably breathtaking and gorgeous. I wish I could re-live it over and over again. There were flowers everywhere. We had our friends' jazz band play during cocktail hour and vinyl spinning all night long. Candles and twinkling lights were in every nook and cranny. The atmosphere was out of a dream. Daniel and I worked super hard planning the entire thing ourselves and it just beyond paid off. Everyone was dancing and laughing and it was just really amazing. 
People wrote us sweet notes on our typewriter, there were bubbles and sparkles, an amazing moon photo booth complete with fun props like fur wraps, mustaches and a cape. It was just so much fun! And I have never felt so much love in my life. Magic was most definitely in the air...

If you have any questions about vendors give me an email (randizimman@gmail.com), I'd be glad to pass the info along.
All photos by the incomparable Shelby Duncan at We Are Yes Love.

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