Wanderlust Essentials.

 I have been lucky enough to have been going on a lot of adventures around the world lately and am currently packing to take off on a new one tomorrow. All the lugging around of bags and suitcases has really helped me narrow down what I need to stay fresh and relaxed no matter where I go. And they all come in great small travel sizes so my baggage won't weigh me down.

Here are some of my travel essentials:
Nothing like a little dry shampoo to freshen up my hair and get rid of any grease. 
Then a few spritzes of B&B Surf Spray to add some lift and waves. Now I'm ready to hit the streets and explore.
Both of these products really help combat against that dry recycled plane air.
This body lotion is ultra hydrating for my skin after being on a plane for a few hours. 
Their Balm #1 keeps my lips soft as rose petals. I apply both of these products numerous times while in flight.
After a long day walking and traveling, I rub this onto my feet while I'm already in bed. It's so soothing to throbbing feet and just helps me overall relax. 
These eye drops freshen up my eyes like Woah! A couple drops in each eye and it's instantly refreshing and brightening. It gets rid of redness, dryness and leaves my eyes feeling more alert too.
This is my daily perfume and I love that they make it in this roller ball. I can smell fresh and feminine anywhere I go. 
I was recently introduced to this wonderful British heat rub while traveling through Heathrow this summer. It is stronger and more effective than Icy-Hot. After long flights of sometimes weird and cramping positions, this rub makes my body feel as good as new.
I rarely wear make-up while traveling and I always bring these wipes. Depending on the length of the flight I may wipe my face down once or twice with one of these. They clean and tone the skin and leaves my face hydrated. 
It's inevitable that I do quite a bit of walking on a trip exploring new pieces of the world - and all that exploring usually leads to at least one blister. I always have a couple of these Band-Aids on me. They have saved my life. It's cushioned and makes my feet feel good as new and allows me to explore to my heart's content. 

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