Greece Part Four: SANTORINI

Santorini may be one of the most touristy of the Greek islands but for good reason. The real Greek name of the island is "Thira", for some reason the Italian name Santorini seems to have struck a cord with travelers. It boasts two volcanoes(one is active), the most magical sunsets ever witnessed, an array of luxury hotels, a flourishing wine industry, ruins dating back to 3000BC, picturesque white wash villages nestled into the cliff side and of course speculation that it may possibly be the legendary Atlantis.
We opted to finish our trip to Greece with Santorini and could not be happier that we chose to do it that way. In the other places we visited every day was jam packed with adventures and a ton of walking and we wanted to finish with some luxury and pampering. Which is exactly what was delivered. We stayed in Oia at The Kirini, which is a fabulous hotel with an amazing staff who went above and beyond. Most days consisted of brunch, going for a walk, getting a pedicure, laying by the pool, taking a swim, getting a massage, reading, napping, walking and then an amazing dinner. 
One of the days we had a private yacht tour of the island and I cannot recommend this enough. It was filled with fruit, wine, snorkeling, Thira history lessons, a delicious meal literally on the water, champagne and a sunset I will never forget. One day when I am dying I will think back to that day and I will die happy.
 our balcony(above and below)
 sipping frozen drinks by the pool
our view of the caldera
 lots of winding white staircases
our feets taking in the view from our balcony
our room
our balcony
 Daniel on the balcony
the hot sun over the buildings

dips in the Mediterranean
cocktails while watching the sunset
 Daniel enjoying champagne on our balcony
room service pizza yum!
 exploring the ruins at Akrotiri from 3000BC
Daniel pointing at something...
stealing kisses on a walk
delicious Greek salad

one of the many churches 
and the pedestrian walkway

 sunset kisses and cocktails
rest and relaxation
 taking in the view from the pool
our yacht feast

 doors to paradise
sipping champagne on a yacht
 the view from our shower window
the sunset

Thank you for your amazingness Greece!

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