Twirls, Giggles & Kitties! Oh My!

 I have been so swamped with all things wedding, I haven't had the energy to post in the last week or two. I am so happy to be able to post this one, because I am in love with this MINKPINK dress! I got it half off at Urban, what a steal! I have a feeling once the sun is here I am going to be living in this number! It's so fun and girly, it makes me want to twirl and giggle and pet sweet little kitties. This little alley cat we call Asher. We feed it basically everyday. I wish our apartment was bigger so we could take this kitty in, but it's already so crowded with our two cats and all of our junk. Sometimes I sit outside and hang out with sweet Asher. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl but it loves our cat Jack, and I am pretty sure they are having a love affair. They stare at each other for hours between the gate. I wish I could save all the animals. But if anyone reading this would like to meet and possibly give this loving little kitty a home please email me rkillian0@gmail.com I would be happy to take Asher to the vet for you ; )

// Dress-MINKPINK // Boots - Steve Madden // Leather Jacket - TOPSHOP // Hat - Panama Jack //
//  bag&jewelry - vintage //

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