Phreud Spies...

...with his little eye:
 My glamor-jack look. I love shoes.
  Kate Moss! Nails.
 Gifties from Kenzie. Singing with Stevie.
 Manhattan. Sunsets never get old.
 Whiskey. Fur dress up with my mom.
 Two headed monster. The most gorgeous cuff links.
 Sporting a bindi from India. Cheshire cat.
 Quote I stole from Free People instagram. Nails did.
 DTLA. Blood Orange.
 Obsessed with this OPI color Skull & Glossbones. A lone tree from the view at The Getty.
 Me being the sunchild that I am. Reviewing footage from India and missing it so much!
 The 405 aka River of Light. Clueless!
 Meow! Me back in the day. Legs! I love these tights from asos.
 Nails. Working it out, Insanity style!
Happy birthday to my Pops! Gorgeous textures hiking in Griffith Park.
 The abandon LA zoo. Daniel scouting wedding photo locations at our venue <3 .="" br="">
 Little League Daniel! Sally Hanson Salon Effects, I was too lazy to actually paint them.
 Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming. Me scouting out photo ops at out wedding venue.

Truth be told it has been so lovely being home. Back in October I was really wanting to move to the east coast. But after traveling around and coming home to LA I am reminded on why it is such a wonderful place to live. There is just no other place quite like it. California really is just so majestic!

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