A Life Aquatic.

 Wes Anderson always manages to conjure up very fashionable characters. Today I was inspired by Steve Zissou. I have this thing about feeling like an old sea captain. Some might call it a creepy obsession. I adore this navy schoolboys blazer, especially with the quintessential red hat and compass necklace! The combo made me hardly able to resist pulling out my old man pipe and pretending to puff away. Now if only there was an old ship around that I could commandeer and sail away on. 

// blazer- vintage // shirt-urban outfitters // sunglasses and jewelery-vintage // leggings- american apparel //
// boots- steve madden // hat - madewell //
I wanted to post some quotes from the movie but they are all so amazing I had a hard time choosing, so I thought I'll just use one:

Eleanor Zissou: How are you feeling?
Steve Zissou: I'm right on the edge. I don't know what comes next.

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