Life. according to Phreud.

Some snippets from my iPhone, who I have named Phreud, btw. Last time I posted iPhone photos I realized how much time in doors at home I was spending. So I am happy to say that I have really been getting out a lot more...
Maps of Paris and London. Watching Caught a Ghost play from the rafters.
Lounging in Carlsbad. Projecting It's Always Sunny on the wall in our hotel room.
 Jack & TT.

 A hot bath. Room service. 
Keys to our flat in Paris <3.

 Jack in some mystical purple sunlight.
Moon rise. Downtown looking magical.

 Disney Concert hall. Beers @Wurstk├╝che.
Nails by Kleur.
 Daniel and I on an afternoon hike.
 Stealing kisses.
 Apples to Apples with friends. Sanbitter, so delicious.
Meatball sub from Deluca's, best sandwich EVER! I am obsessed.
Sea of Shoes, reorganizing my closet.
Rainy day.
Stone Table. 
Daniel in the garden, deep in thought.
Me doing yoga in the grass.
 The Magician at the Stone Table.
 Transcendental meditation. Notes from an old moleskine.
My first pie from scratch, Strawberry Rhubarb.
 TT asleep on flowers.
 East LA. Fluffy white clouds.

J'habite en un mondial plein folie.
<3, R

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