Baby Let Me Follow You Down.

 Yesterday Daniel and I went to visit some friends at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu. It was so magical to be at such a historic location. The creative forces on the property are beyond magical and grand; Bob Dylan and The Band, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton and Johnny Cash(just to name a few) have all recorded albums there. And more recently Adele recorded portions of 21 there. With the old tour bus of Bob Dylan and The Band parked on the lawn and converted into a second recording studio and the ocean just across the street it's impossible not to feel relaxed and inspired.
 THE Tour Bus.

 Inside the studio:

 Daniel sitting at the mixing board.

 The piano Adele played 21 on.
 A tendril of Daniel's beautiful hair. Me being a poser.

 After we were hungry. So we went to enjoy burgers and stare at the sea.

 I never posted about Valentine's Day. It was lovely, we listened to records most of the day and Daniel surprised me with a sunset horseback ride next to the Hollywood sign. Swoooooon.

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