Wildly Alone.

These are some pictures that my bff/musical partner in crime, James and I, took of each other during a visit to the Morrison caves. He has left to Arizona without much warning. I am missing his guitar, piano and intellectual outbursts. I am dying to belt out my sorrows. I have been feeling rather alone. I am simultaneously accepting and rebelling my loneliness. I have been realizing that perhaps I should always be alone, because in fact we are always alone. Locked away inside of our bodies.  And that no one will probably ever really know or understand me. But then I have been listening to all these hopeless love songs. I am so romantically lonely. Smoking cigarettes as I drive around town to 'You Always Hurt the Ones You Love' or Elvis singing 'Love Me Tender' as he is clearly strung out...me and my sentiment together forever and entirely alone.

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