Come Out. Come In.

Sometimes things just don't happen like you think they will. You're moving and doing. Everything is okay and then all of the sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, you are somewhere else entirely. Totally unsure of how you have arrived. At first it's frightening, how did you get here? Where, in fact, are you? Overwhelmed with the feeling of drowning trying to grasp what has happened, what is happening. Clinging to what has been lost. And then a sense of calm washes over you. You can breathe again. It all starts coming together piece by piece. You are where you were supposed to be all along. How you magically got here, is still a mystery but it loses more of its importance by the second. Because it doesn't matter. You are here. Everything is how it should be. You didn't need those things, you can't believe you ever thought you did. And now you can really get to the matter at hand. What are you doing? What is inside? What must come out? Let it out. Let you out. Let it all out.

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