Rainy Day Adventures.

So today I thought I would venture to downtown area of Singapore and check out the sites...I did successfully navigate around the metro or MRT-which was full of people all wearing the wrong size shoes. Either shoes that were much too small and their toes were hanging over the front or their shoes were 2-3 sizes too big-I found it quite amusing. I wandered around for a bit on the streets, in the malls...My cell phone was dying and I was beginning to feel slightly queasy so I thought I would go back and relax by the pool and charge the old battery. 
I wasn't there long before it started pouring and I was caught in the rain.

So now I am just going to relax until the rain subsides. Later I will be going to Morton's in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for some steak sandwiches and happy hour. Luckily I love the rain : )


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  1. I love progress! Don & I were talking last night about how cool it is that I can talk to you and see instant pictures of you even though you are half-way around to world! Back in our day, if we'd have taken this trip, the only communication we had was to send letters... which wouldn't even arrive before we were already back home. THEN... we'd have to wait another week or so for our pictures to be developed, and if you thought you had a great shot of something but you didn't... oh well, too bad, no re-takes. I am sooo excited to be able to follow your journey in real-time. Besides the fun of taking a "virtual" vacation with you, it also helps ward off those pesky gray hairs from worrying about you the whole time! hee hee I am so thankful for your Blog!!