My Current Cell.

Where in the world am I? Dwelling doesn't get you anywhere, I never stay in one place too long. Perhaps, I take myself too seriously. It's the truth. I only speak the truth. Inconsistency. I hate the world. It conspires against me. Then again so do I. I conspire against myself. Why must we fear success? It's my own inconsistency. My own failure to follow through. All the precision for the speed. The failure of time. I hate time. How do we get around time? That goddamn word
T I M E.
I do not submit to it. I am not one to submit. What the fuck is the process? Aging in this body. I do not know how to get out of the glass prison. The empire never ended. The savior is a four year old named Sophia but she will be slain. Slain by the very hand that loves her the most.

Stuck. They'll never come for us now.

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