Goodbye Microwave.

Compassion she says. I'm compassionate, I think. But how can I be compassionate to people who don't try for more, that settle. You're either trying to be better or you're not. I cannot be compassionate to people who stop trying. Fuck that. Fuck them. There's the problem, there's the solution. Where do you live? Try. Yearn. Demand more from yourself. Insist on it. What more is there in life? What the fuck more could there be?
Microwave, televisions, blenders, luxury vehicles, cellphones, the cutting edge, keeping up with the trends, memorizing the lines of the latest comedy to repeat at work or school on Monday. Do her shoes cost more than mine? How big is your flat screen? I wonder if his pants are from Barney's or The Gap...these are the problem.
I too am guilty of these things. I think about it every time I use the goddamn microwave. Where the fuck is the line? I need to throw my microwave out and use the stove. But can I? I have to believe that I can, because how else can you teach, but by example. I must simplify my life. Goodbye microwave and so many other things. I will be free of possessions and will gain knowledge and skills. I have so much to offer myself and others but there is more and more and more out there that I must ride myself of. In the world of souls it's either sink or swim.
It's just crutch, and I don't have a limp so why am I using a crutch?

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