So Long Summer.

The years are just going by faster and faster. The seasons lasting but a blink of an eye. Summer has come, flourished and is now fading. I love the simplicity of summer, I don't need a jacket or socks. Throw on a breezy dress or cut-offs, a quick slip of the sandals, some sunglasses and you're off. I love the salty, sunscreen smell that resides in all of my beach bags. They all have a little sand in the bottom and a few pretty shells, I have found, tucked away in the pockets. I love to sip mojitos and hear the roar of the ocean. Cool down with icy treats, shave ice, smoothies, etc...Summer brings me closer to nature. The sunshine draws me outside I love to be out exploring. I can understand the nomadic life during summer. The days are longer, children aren't in school, the smell of barbecue fills the air. The hot sand between my toes and under my feet. The cool refreshing ocean forcefully pushing me towards the shore as I dive under the waves. But so long summer, until next time...

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